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Biblioteca Films: Numbers 1 to 100

This directory begins with Biblioteca Films Volume 13 for a few reasons. One, it is probably the most popularly seen volume with its ubiquitous red (to a lesser degree, blue, green or even black) designs on the cover in either ivy or two silhouetted figures. Second, many foreign silent films appear in the first hundred film booklets published. Third, while what appears to be the majority of silent film titles that did survive and are housed in film archives, these booklets can be translated to English quite easily and provide the reader some idea of what the film is about – including film stills within these booklets. Finally, these Spanish film booklets are a fun silent film collectible, in addition to their historical value in silent film identification and restoration. An example of the last one might be the following: Say only three 35mm reels of a five-reel silent film have survived and are slated for restoration and digitization. A film booklet can fill the missing reels in the story, providing reconstruction material. In addition to feature-length silent films, some film shorts and serials made their way into this film booklet series.

The following film booklets were published during the late 1920’s to early thirties in Barcelona, Spain. As this list grows (silent films reach film booklet numbers as high as the upper 400’s), partial sound films will be included. Some of the numbers below lack an available title and are simply a parking spot. Many of these Spanish silent film titles have been translated by me, as accurately as possible. Eventually more silent film booklet series will be added to this website.

Many thanks to Filmoteca Catalunya for a number of the below silent film titles plus the English version. The rest have been translated and identified by me.

A total of 642 titles, both silent film and sound film, were published in this series.

Entries marked with:

* Denotes the USA silent film is still lost.
** Denotes a silent film short.
*** Denotes a silent film serial.

1. Rosita/Rosita (1923, USA). With Mary Pickford.

2. No Se Fíe de las Apariencias/Seine Frau, die Unbekannte/His Mysterious Adventure (1923, Germany/Denmark). With Lil Dagover and Willy Fritsch.

3. Cuidado con la Curva!/Dangerous Curve Ahead (1921, USA). With Helene Chadwick and Richard Dix.*

4. La Voz de la Mujer/Man-Woman-Marriage (1921, USA). With Dorothy Phillips and Ralph Lewis.

5. Lorna Doone/Lorna Doone (1922, USA). With Madge Bellamy and John Bowers.

6. El León de Venecia/The Lion of Venice (1924, Germany). With Grete Reinwald and Olaf Fjord.

7. La Rosa de Flandes/Les Opprimés/The Oppressed (1923, France). With Raquel Meller and Marcel Vibert.

8. Ensueño/Le Rêve/The Dream (1921, France). With Andrée Brabant.

9. Sherloch Holmes/Sherlock Holmes (1922, USA). With John Barrymore.

10. Las Esposas de los Hombres Pobres/Poor Men's Wives (1923, USA). With Barbara La Marr and David Butler.

11. El Signo del Zorro/The Mark of Zorro (1920, USA). With Douglas Fairbanks.

12. Dónde Estás, Hijo Mío?/Where's My Wandering Boy Tonight? (1922, USA). With Virginia True Boardman and Cullen Landis.*

13. Luisa Miller/Luise Millerin (1922, Germany) With Lil Dagover, Paul Hartmann and Walter Janssen.

14. Flor de Fuego/The Shark Master (1921, USA). With Frank Mayo and May Collins.

15. Las Dos Niñas de Paris/Le Deux Gamines/The Two Girls (1921, France). With Sandra Milovanoff and Georges Biscot.***

17. La Hija del Fuego/A Virgin Paradise (1921, USA). With Pearl White.*

18. Nathan el Sabio/Nathan der Weise/Nathan the Wise (1922, Germany). With Fritz Greiner, Carl de Vogt and Lia Eibenschütz.

19. La Huerfanita/L'orpheline (1921, France). With Sandra Milovanoff and Georges Biscot.***

20. Clarita May/Bonnie May (1920, USA). With Bessie Love and W H Bainbridge.*

21. La Brecha del Infierno/La Brèche d'enfer/The Breach of Hell (1923, France). With Camille Vernadès and Manual Camera.

22. Perdida y Encontrada/Lost and Found on a South Sea Island (1923, USA). With Antonio Moreno and Pauline Stark.

23. El Alma de Oscar/Soul of the Beast (1923, USA). With Cullen Landis and Madge Bellamy.

24. El Botones Number 13/Bell Boy 13 (1923, USA). With Douglas MacLean.

25. Mesalina/Messalina (1924, Italy). With Rina De Liguoro and Calisto Bertramo.

26. Mandrin: Caudillo de la Leyenda/Mandrin (1924, France). With Romuald Joubé and Johanna Sutter.

27. El Velo de la Dicha/La Voile de Bonheur/The Veil of Happiness (1923, France). With Shu Hou and Susie Wata.

28. Nellie, la Bella Modelo/Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model (1924, USA). With Mae Busch and Claire Windsor.

29. Los Nibelungos/The Nibelungenlied (1924, Germany). With Margarete Schön and Paul Richter.

30. Las Cataratas del Diablo/Quincy Adams Sawyer (1922, USA). With Blanche Sweet, Barbara la Marr and John Bowers.*

31. El Ladrón de Bagdad/The Thief of Bagdad (1924, USA). With Douglas Fairbanks and Julanne Johnston.

32. La Reina de la Moda/The Mistress of the King (1922, Germany). With Lya Mara and Henry Kaiser.

33. Montmartre/Die Flamme (1924, Germany). With Pola Negri and Hermann Thimig.

34. El Caballero de la Pesadilla/L'Angoissante Aventure/A Narrow Escape (1920, France). With Ivan Mosjoukine (Mozzhukhin) and Nathalie Lissenko.

35. Koenigsmark/Koenigsmark (1923, France). With Huguette Duflos and Henry Houry.

36. El Regreso de Cyclone Smith/A Ride for a Rancho (1921, USA). With Eddie Polo.

37. Dorothy Vernon/Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall (1924, USA). With Mary Pickford.

38. La Ley de la Hospitalidad/Our Hospitality (1923, USA). With Buster Keaton.

39. Viva el Rey!/Long Live the King! (1923, USA). With Jackie Coogan and Rosemary Theby.

40. En las Ruinas de Reims/Six Days (1923, USA). With Corinne Griffith and Frank Mayo.

41. Locuras de Juventud/The Daring Years (1923, USA). With Mildred Harris and Charles Emmet.*

42. Historia de un Dóllar/From the Ground Up (1921, USA). With Helene Chadwich and Tom Moore.*

45. El Botín de los Piratas/Plunder (1923, USA). With Pearl White, Harry Semets and Warren William.***

46. Amor Que Vence al Amor/The White Shadow (1923, USA). With Betty Compson and Clive Brook.

47. Los Tres Mosqueteros/The Three Musketeers (1921, USA). With Douglas Fairbanks.

48. Tony/Oh, You Tony! (1924, USA). With Tom Mix.

49. Los Dos Pilletes/Les Deux Gosses/The Two Boys (1924, France). With Jean Forest and Leslie Shaw.

50. El Camino del Amor/The Eyes of Youth (1919, USA). With Rudolph Valentino and Clara Kimball Young.

51. Vida de los Artistas de Cine/Night Life in Hollywood (1922, USA). With Josephine Hill and J. Frank Glendon.

52. Oriente/Orient - Die Tochter der Wüste (1924, Germany). With Maria Jacobini and Harry Liedtke.

53. El Islote de las Perlas/The Uninvited Guest (1924, USA). With Mary MacLaren and Jean Tolley.

54. El Pez Dorado/The Goldfish (1924, USA). With Constance Talmadge and Jack Mulhall.

55. La Gitana Blanca (1919, Spain). With Raquel Meller.

56. La Ingenua/Das Schöne Mädel (1923, Germany). With Hella Moja and Fritz Richard.

57. El Nueva York de Antaño/Little Old New York (1923, USA). With Marion Davies and Stephen Carr.

58. La Venganza de Crimilda/Die Nibelungen: Kriemhild's Revenge (1924, Germany). With Margarete Schön and Theodor Loos.

59. Los Hijos de los Hombres Pobres/The Steadfast Heart (1923, USA). With Mary Alden and Marguerite Courtot.

60. El Casamiento de Media Noche/Refuge (1923, USA). With Katherine MacDonald and Hugh Thompson.*

61. El Caballero Valiente/The Fighting Blade (1923, USA). With Dorothy MacKaill, Richard Barthelmess and Allyn King.

62. La Mujer Inmortal/Always the Woman (1922, USA). With Betty Compson, Emory Johnson, and Arthur Delmore.

63. Mónica/La garçonne (1923, France). With France Dhelia.

65. La Novia del Legionario/Le Fils du Soleil/The Sons of the Sun (1924, France). With Marquisette Bosky, Joe Hamman, and Georges Charlia.***

66. Con el Amor No se Juega/On Ne Badine pas Avec L'Amour/No Trifling with Love (1924, France). With Lysiane Bernhardt and Jacques Christiany.

67. Rey Sin Reino/Le Vert Galant (1924, France). With Aimé Simon-Girard and Renée Heribel.

68. Grandeza de Humildes/The Dangerous Little Demon (1922, USA). With Marie Provost and Robert Ellis.*

69. Madre Adorada!/Mother O'Mine (1921, USA). With Claire McDowell and Lloyd Hughes.

71. El Chico/The Kid (1921, USA). With Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan.

72. La Linda Rubia/Die Blonde Hannele (1924, Germany). With Maria Mindzenty.

73. La Llama del Genio/Stardust (1922, USA). With Hope Hampton and James Rennie.*

74. Judex (1916, France). With René Cresté and Musidora.

75. La Nueva Misión de Judex/La Nouvelle Mission de Judex (1917, France). With René Cresté and Yvette Andreyour.

76. El Mimado de la Abueda/Grandma’s Boy (1922, USA). With Harold Lloyd.

77. Yo Pecador.../The Child Thou Gavest Me (1921, USA). With Lewis Stone and Richard Headrick.

78. Bajo la Máscara/The Phantom Riders (1918, USA). With Harry Carey and Molly Malone.*

79. La Rosa de Paris/The Rose of Paris (1924, USA). With Mary Philbin and Doreen Turner.

81. Tosca (1918, Spain). With Francesca Bertini, Gustavo Serena, and Alfredo De Antoni.

82. Como Don Juan de Serrallonga/Claude Duval (1924, UK). With Fay Compton and Nigel Barrie.

84. La Culpable/I Am Guilty (1921, USA). With Louise Glaum and Mahlon Hamilton.*

85. En Alas de la Gloria/Success (1923, USA). With Mary Astor and Stanley Ridges.*

86. El Navegante/The Navigator (1924, USA). With Buster Keaton and Kathryn McGuire.

87. Avaricia/Greed (1924, USA). With Zasu Pitts and Gibson Gowland.

88. Conciencia Contra Ley/Die Lawine (1923. Austria). With Michael Varkonyi and Mary Kid.

89. Los Ángeles del Hogar/Her Marriage Vow (1924, USA). With Monte Blue and Beverley Bayne.

90. La Dama de la Noche/Lady of the Night (1925, USA). With Norma Shearer and George E. Arthur.

91. El Árbitro de la Elegancia/Beau Brummel (1924, USA). With John Barrymore and Mary Astor.

92. ¡Que Siga la Danza!/The Dancers (1925, USA). With Alma Rubens and George O'Brien.

94. Barrera Infranqueable/The Passionate Adventure (1924, USA). With Alice Joyce and Clive Brook.*

95. Segunda Juventud/Sinners in Silk (1924, USA). With Eleanor Boardman, Conrad Nagel, and Adolphe Menjou.*

97. Dick Turpin/Dick Turpin (1925, USA). With Tom Mix.

100. El Trapero/The Rag Man (1925, USA). With Jackie Coogan and Lydia Yeamans Titus.

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