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Biblioteca Films: Numbers 101 to 200

Entries marked with:

* Denotes the USA silent film is still lost.
** Denotes a silent film short.
*** Denotes a silent film serial.

101. En el Ultimo Peldaño/Up the Ladder (1925, USA). With Virginia Valli.

102. La Coqueta Casada/Married Flirts (1923, USA). With Pauline Frederich, Mae Bush, and Conrad Nagel.

104. El Bien Perdido/ Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (1925, USA). With Alice Joyce, Helena D'Algy, Percy Marmont, and Holmes Herbert.

105. El Corazón Manda/Along Came Ruth (1924, USA). With Viola Dana and Walter Hiers.

107. Por Mandato de Su Hijo/Babbitt (1924, USA). With Carmel Myers and Willard Louis.*

108. Compañera Te Doy... /Du Skal ære din Hustru/Master of the House (1924, Denmark). With Astrid Holm and Johannes Meyer.

109. El Secreto de Familia/The Family Secret (1924, USA). With Baby Peggy and Gladys Hulette.

110. Entre Lococ Anda el Juego/The Monster (1925, USA). With Lon Chaney and Gertrude Olmstead.

111. El Pecador Errante/Hoodman Blind (1923, USA). With Gladys Hulette, Marc MacDermott, and David Butler.*

112. La Madre de Todos/Drusilla with a Million (1925, USA). With Mary Carr.

113. La Calle de las Risas y de las Lagrimas/ Broadway After Dark (1924, USA). With Norma Shearer, Anna Q. Nilsson, and Adolph Menjou.*

114. Los Huérfanos de la Aldea/The Country Kid (1923, USA). With Wesley Barry, Jerome Eddy, and George Michaels.

116. El Espectro de Oriente/The Shadow of the East (1924, USA). With Frank Mayo, Mildred Harris, Norman Kerry.

117. La Tierra en Llamas/Der Brennende Acker/The Burning Soil (1922, Germany). With Lya de Putti and Werner Krauss.

118. Maciste en los Infiernos/Maciste All'Inferno/Maciste in Hell (1925, Italy). With Elena Sangro and Pauline Polaire.

122. Ronda de Noche/La Ronde de Nuit (1925, France). With Raquel Meller.

123. Bondad/The Bowery Bishop (1924, USA). With Edith Roberts and Henry B. Walthall.

124. El Mudo Mandato/The Silent Command (1924, USA). With Alma Tell and Edmund Lowe.

126. La Jornada de la Muerte/North of Hudson Bay (1923, USA). With Tom Mix and Kathleen Key.

127. La Pequeña Anita/Little Annie Rooney (1925, USA). With Mary Pickford.

132. Cuando el Amor Nace/Eve's Lover (1925, USA). With Irene Rich, Clara Bow, and William Louis.

133. Un Disparo en la Noche/The Perfect Crime (1928, USA). With Irene Rich and Clive Brook.

134. El Último Correo/The Limited Mail (1925, USA). With Vera Reynolds and Monte Blue.

135. La Enemiga de los Hombres/An Enemy of Men (1925, USA). With Dorothy Revier and Cullen Landis.

136. La Terrible Coqueta/Compromise (1925, USA). With Pauline Garon and Clive Brook.*

137. Más Veloz que la Muerte/Schneller als der Tod/Face à la Mort/Swifter than Death (1925, France, Germany). With Harry Piel and Dary Holm.

139. Flor Dañada/The Outsider (1926, USA). With Lou Tellegen and Jacqueline Logan.*

140. Los Héroes Modernos/The West-Bound Limited (1923, USA). With Ralph Lewis, John Harron and Ella Hall.

141. Un Beso a Tiempo/A Kiss in Time (1921, USA). With Wanda Hawley, Bertie Johns, Walter Hiers and T. Roy Barnes.

142. Travesuras de una Joven/Excitement (1924, USA). With Laura La Plante, Edward Hearn.*

145. Ropa Vieja/Old Clothes (1925, USA). With Jackie Coogan and Joan Crawford.

147. El Simpático Conquistador/California Straight Ahead (1925, USA). With Reginald Denny, Gertrude Olmstead, and Frederick Esmelton.

148. La Duquesa del Charleston/ (192x, USA). With Corinne Griffith.

149. El Barba Azul Americano/Bluebeard’s Seven Wives (1925, USA). With Lois Wilson, Blanch Sweet and Ben Lyons.

150. Amores de Niña/The Teaser (1925, USA). With Laura La Plante and Pat O'Malley.

151. La prueba del fuego/His Supreme Moment (1925, USA). With Ronald Colman and Blanche Sweet.*

152. La Locura del Charleston/So This Is Paris (1926, USA). With Monte Blue, Patsy Ruth Miller.

153. Un Ladrón en el Paraíso/A Thief in Paradise (1925, USA). With Doris Kenyon, Ronald Colman and Aileen Pringle.

154. La Rata de Paris/The Rat (1925, USA). With Mae Marsh and Ivor Novello.

155. Flor de la Selva/A Child of the Prairie (1925). With Tom Mix.

156. Águilas Humanas/Varieté (1925, Germany). With Lya de Putti and Emil Jannings.

157. Los Huérfanos de Hollywood/Broken Hearts of Hollywood (1926, USA). With Patsy Ruth Miller and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

158. La Escuela del Escándalo/School for Scandal (1923, UK). With Queenie Thomas and Frank Stanmore.

159. La Bailarina de Montmartre/The Girl from Montmartre (1926, USA). With Barbara Lamarr and Lewis Stone.

160. La Princesa Gloria/The Far Cry (1926, USA). With Blanche Sweet and Jack Mulhall.

163. Ricardito Llega a tiempo/The Night Patrol (1926, USA). With Richard Talmadge and Mary Carr.

165. Un Hombre de Honor/In Every Woman’s Life (1924, USA). With Virginia Valli and Stuart Holmes.

167. Los Hijos del Trabajo (1927, Spain). With José Nieto and Celia Escudero.

168. Entre Papás Anda el Juego/Sweet Daddies (1926, USA). With Jobyna Ralston and Jack Mulhall.

169. La Tragedia del Faro/Bride of the Storm (1926, USA). With Dolores Costello and John Harron.

170. Suerte Loca/The Sporting Lover (1926, USA). With Barbara Bedford, Conway Tearle.

171. El Momento Supremo/The Breathless Moment (1924, USA). With Lucille Hutton, Albert Hart and William Desmond.

174. El Gran Amor de una Estrella/This Freedom (1923, UK). With Fay Compton and John Stuart.

175. El Recuerdo de Su Madre/Ridin’ the Wind (1925, USA). With Fred Thomson and Jacqueline Gadsdon.*

178. Las Sirenas de Broadway/Broadway Billy (1926, USA). With Billy Sullivan and Virginia Brown.

179. Dinero Delator/Tainted Money (1924, USA). With William Fairbanks and Eva Novak.

181. El Jinete Misterioso/Smilin' On (1923, USA). With Pete Morrison and Ethelyn Crosby.

182. La Hija Ignorada/The Little Buckaroo (1928, USA). With Florence Lee and Kenneth McDonald.

183. Morán, el de la Montada/Moran of the Mounted (1926, USA). With Reed Howes and J P McGowan.

187. Ricardito Detective/Doubling With Danger (1926, USA). With Richard Talmadge and Ena Gergory.

188. Fred, el Tirador/Lone Hand Saunders (1926, USA). With Fred Thomson.

189. Miami/Miami (1924, USA). With Betty Compson and J Barney Sherry.

190. El Pilluelo de Montmartre/Titi Premier, Roi des Gosses/Titi First King of the Kids (1926, France). With Yvette Langlais and Roby Guichard.

191. El Aguila Negra/The Eagle (1925, USA). With Rudolph Valentino and Vilma Banky.

192. De Hombre a Hombre/Man to Man (1922, USA). With Harry Carey and Lillian Rich.

193. El Pirata Negro/The Black Pirate (1926, USA). With Billie Dove and Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

194. Ricardito Sonámbulo/The Mysterious Stranger (1925, USA). With Carmelita Geregthy and Richard Talmadge.

195. El Reporter de Hollywood/The Hollywood Reporter (1926, USA). With Frank Merrill and Peggy Montgomery.

199. La Vuelta Triunfal/Rolling Home (1926, USA). With Reginald Denny and Marion Nixon.

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