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La Novela Popular Cinematográfica

A total of 221 titles were published in this series.

Entries marked with:

* Denotes the USA silent film is still lost.
** Denotes a silent film short.
*** Denotes a silent film serial.

1. Robin de los Bosques/Robin Hood (1922, USA). With Douglas Fairbanks and Wallace Beery.

2. El Sello de Cardí/Fair Lady (1922, USA). With Betty Blythe and Thurston Hall.

3. Agonía de las Águilas/L'agonie des Aigles (1922, France). With Gaby Morlay and Gilbert Dalleu.

8. Chiquilin/The Kid (1921, USA). With Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan.

11. Señal de Amor/The Love Light (1921, USA). With Mary Pickford and Evelyn Dumo.

13. Duquesa Misterio/La Duchessa Mistero (1922, Italy). With Hesperia and Tullio Carminati.

16. El Excéntrico/The Nut (1921, USA). With Douglas Fairbanks and Marguerite De La Motte.

18. Cobarde en Apariencia/Afraid to Fight (1922, USA). With Frank Mayo and Lillian Rich.

21. Voluntad de un Hombre/A Man's Fight (1919, USA). With Dustin Farnum and Dorothy Wallace.

29. El Juramento/Sands of Sacrifice (1917, USA). With William Russell and Francelia Billington.

31. El Gatito Montés/The Bear Cat (1922, USA). With Hoot Gibson and Lillian Rich.

33. Como un Cuento de Hadas/Top O' the Morning (1922, USA). With Gladys Walton and Harry Myers.*

34. Vidocq/Vidocq (1923, France). With Rene Navarre and Elmire Vautier.

36. Tess en el País de las Tempestades/Tess of the Storm Country (1922, USA). With Mary Pickford and Lloyd Hughes.

37. Violetas Imperiales/Violettes Impériales (1932, France). With Raquel Meller and Suzanne Bianchetti.

39. Las Dos Tormentas/Way Down East (1920, USA). With Lillian Gish and Richard Barthelmess.

42. Eterna Llama/The Eternal Flame (1922, USA). With Norma Talmadge and Adolphe Menjou.

43. A Galope Tendido/The Galloping Kid (1922, USA). With Hoot Gibson and Edna Murphy.

45. Un Frac Para Dos/R.S.V.P. (1921, USA). With Charles Ray and Florence Oberle.

47. Salome/Salomé (1922, USA). With Alla Nazimova and Nigel De Brulier.

49. Chiquilin Artista de Circo/Circus Days (1923, USA). With Jackie Coogan, Barbara Tennant and Russell Simpson.

51. La Razón de Vivir/The Man Who Played God (1922, USA). With George Arliss and Ann Forrest.

52. Terror!/Terreur/Terror (1924, France). With Pearl White and Henri Beaudin.

53. La Rosa de Flandes/A Rosa de Flandres/The Oppressed (1923, France/Belgium). With Raquel Meller and Marcel Vibert.

57. Entre Naranjos/Smudge (1922, USA). With Charles Ray and Florence Oberle.

61. Con la Corriente/Drifting (1923, USA). With Priscilla Dean and Wallace Beery.

66. Precocidad Infantil/A Chapter in Her Life (1923, USA). With Jane Mercer and Claude Gillingwater.

72. Por qué Cambiar de Marido?/So Long Letty (1920, USA). With Grace Darmond and Colleen Moore.

77. Tres Solterones Discretos/Three Wise Fools (1923, USA). With Eleanor Boardman and Claude Gillingwater.

84. Triunfo del Honor/Trifling with Honor (1923, USA). With Rockcliffe Fellows and Fritzi Ridgeway.

94. Acero y Voluntad/Skid Proof (1923, USA). With Charles Jones and Laura Anson.

97. El Apóstata/St. Elmo (1923, USA). With Barbara La Marr, John Gilbert, and Bessie Love.*

98. El Mochuelo/Alias the Night Wind (1923, USA). With William Russell and Maude Wayne.

114. El Hombre de Pecho Triunfa/The Man Who Won (1923, USA). With Dustin Farnum and Jacqueline Gadsdon.

125. Pasión y Boda de Pamplinas/The Saphead (1920, USA). With Buster Keaton and Beulah Booker.

126. Llamas y Bandidos/Thru the Flames (1923, USA). With Richard Talmadge and Charlotte Pierce.

128. Un Personaje en Busca de un Autor/Lights Out (1923, USA). With Marie Astaire and Theodore von Eltz.

129. El Momento Supremo/The Breathless Moment (1924, USA). With William Desmond and Charlotte Merriam.

132. La Caseta de Señales/The Signal Tower (1924, USA). With Virginia Valli and Rockliffe Fellowes.

133. Ojos de Mary/The Girl of the Golden West (1923, USA). With Jack Warren Kerrigan and Silvia Breamer.

137. Reinecita de Provincia/Gentle Julia (1923, USA). With Bessie Love and Harold Goodwin.*

150. Venciendo Abismos/Three Jumps Ahead (1923, USA). With Tom Mix and Alma Bennett.*

152. Tras la Fortuna/Don't Marry for Money (1923, USA). With House Peters and Aileen Pringle.

154. Labios Sellados/Oath-Bound (1922, USA). With Dustin Farnum and Ethel Grey Terry.

158. Tragedia de Clavert/The Calvert's Valley (1922, USA). With John Gilbert and Sylvia Breamer.

161. Revelación Fortuita/Gleam O'Dawn (1922, USA). With John Gilbert and Barbara Bedford.

164. Doble Victoria/When Odds Are Even (1923, USA). With William Russell and Dorothy Devore.

172. La Mano del Pulpo/The Eleventh Hour (1923, USA). With Charles Jones and Shirley Mason.

174. El Tumbón/Lazybones (1925, USA). With Charles Jones and Madge Bellamy.

177. El Dolor de Callar/Fräulein Frau/Miss Madam (1923, Austria). With Ica von Lenkeffy and Albert von Kersten.

178. La Barrera de un Beso/The Kiss Barrier (1925, USA). With Edmund Lowe and Diana Miller.

180. Por la Buena o Por la Mala/The Grail (1923, USA). With Dustin Farnum and Peggy Shaw.

181. Cartas de Amor/Love Letters (1924, USA). With Shirley Mason and Gordon Edwards.

183. Su Hermana de Paris/Her Sister from Paris (1925, USA). With Constance Talmadge and Ronald Colman.

184. La Rueda/The Wheel (1925, USA). With Claire Adams and Harrison Ford.

186. Como un Ciclón/The Cyclone Rider (1924, USA). With Reed Howes and Alma Bennett.

197. Mujer Salvaje/The Wilderness Woman (1926, USA). With Aileen Pringle and Lowell Sherman.*

206. El Abate Constantin/The Abbot Constantine (1925, France). With Jean Coquelin and Claude France.

207. Mujer de Lujo/Luxusweibchen (1925, Germany). With Lee Parry and Hans Albers.

214. Vendedora de Fósforos/Somebody's Mother (1926, USA). With Mary Carr and Rex Lease.

215. La Chavala (1925, Spain). With Luisa Ruiz Romero, Juan Orduña and Pedro Elviro.

220. Vida de las Fiestas/Girls Men Forget (1924, USA). With Patsy Ruth Miller and Johnnie Walker.

221. Zigano/Zigano (1925, Germany/France). With Harry Piel and Dary Holm.


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