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La Novela Cinematográfica Epoch 1

A total of 19 titles were published in this series.

Entries marked with:

* Denotes the USA silent film is still lost.
** Denotes a silent film short.
*** Denotes a silent film serial.

1. La Dueña del Mundo 1/ Die Herrin der Welt 1. Teil - Die Freundin des gelben Mannes (1919, Germany). With Mia May and Michael Bohnen.

2. La Dueña del Mundo 2/ Die Herrin der Welt 2. Teil - Die Geschichte der Maud Gregaards (1919, Germany). With Mia May and Michael Bohnen.

3. La Heredera del Duque de Tordis/Die Erbin von Tordis (1921, Germany). With Ica de Lenkeffy and Paul Hartmann.

4. Atracción de la Muerte/Die Nacht Ohne Morgen (1921, Germany). With Eugen Klöpfer and Grit Hegesa.

8. El Triunfo de la Audacia/Der Fürst der Berge (1921, Germany). With With Maria Asti and Charly Berger.

9. Ziska/The Monster (1925, USA). With Lon Chaney Sr. and Gertrude Olmstead.

18. El Velo de la Dicha/La Voile de Bonheur/The Veil of Happiness (1923, France). With Shu Hou and Susie Wata.

19. El Misterio del Valle Blanco/The Valley of Silent Men (1922, USA). With Lew Cody and Alma Rubens.


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