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La Novela Americana Cinematográfica

A total of 43 titles were published in this series.

Entries marked with:

* Denotes the USA silent film is still lost.
** Denotes a silent film short.
*** Denotes a silent film serial.

1. Jugando a Vampiresa/Their Hour (1928, USA). With Dorothy Sebastian, John Harron and June Marlowe.

2. Hay que Ser Insinuantes/Beautiful But Dumb (1928, USA). With Patsy Ruth Miller and Charles Byer.*

3. Al Levantar el Vuelo/Runaway Girl (1928, USA). With Shirley Mason and Hedda Hopper.*

4. Vertigo/Skyscraper (1928, USA). With Sue Carroll and William Boyd.

5. Justos y Pecadores/Sinnerís Parade (1928, USA). With Dorothy Revier and Victor Varconi.*

6. El Poder de una Lágrima/The Power of the Press (1929, USA). With Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Jobyna Ralston.

7. Chicas de Vanguardia/Girls Gone Wild (1929, USA). With Sue Carol and Nick Stuart.*(sound)

8. Alejandro, "El Grande"/Alex the Great (1928, USA). With Ruth Dwyer, Albert Conti, and Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher.*

9. El Cuarto Poder/Protection (1929, USA). With Robert Elliott and Dorothy Burgess. (sound)

10. Un Chico Complaciente/Making the Grade (1929, USA). With Lois Moran and Edmund Lowe.

11. Acérquese Usted Más.../The Lone Wolf's Daughter (1929, USA). With Gertrude Olmstead and Bert Lytell.*

12. Expatriada!/Fugitives (1929, USA). With Madge Bellamy and Don Terry.*(sound)

13. Baños de Sol/Her Summer Hero (1928, USA). With Duane Thompson and Sally Blane.*

16. La Reporter Relámpago/Hot News (1928, USA). With Neil Hamilton and Bebe Daniels.*

18. El Solterón/A Single Man (1929, USA). With Lew Cody and Aileen Pringle.*

20. Quién es el Culpable?/Trent's Last Case (1929, USA). With Lawrence Gay and Marceline Day.

22. La Sortija que Mata/The Donovan Affair (1929, USA). With Jack Holt and Dorothy Rivier. (sound; the film exists but the soundtrack discs are lost)

23. Aventura en China/China Bound (1929, USA). With Karl Dane, Josephine Dunn, and George K. Arthur.

24. El Peso de la Familia/The Man in Hobbles (1928, USA). With Lila Lee and John Harron.

25. Un Proceso Sensacional/On Trial (1928, USA). With Pauline Frederick, Bert Lytell, and Lois Wilson.*(the soundtrack discs for this film have survived)

28. Sangre India/Sioux Blood (1929, USA). With Tim McCoy and Marian Douglas.

30. Mal de Corazón/A Trip to Chinatown (1926, USA). With Margaret Livingston and Earle Fox.*

32. Drama de un Pekinés/The Baby Cyclone (1928, USA). With Lew Cody and Aileen Pringle.*

33. Magia Negra/Black Magic (1929, USA). With Josephine Dunn and Earle Fox.*

34. La Caída de Eva/The Fall of Eve (1929, USA). With Patsy Ruth Miller, Ford Sterling and Gertrude Astor. (sound)

35. Rivalidad Comercial/Clancy's Kosher Wedding (1927, USA). With George Sidney, Rex Lease, and Sharon Lynn.

36. El Chico del Mono/Marked Money (1928, USA). With Frank "Junior" Coghlan, George Duryea, and Virginia Bradford.

37. Jazz-Band/Close Harmony (1929, USA). With Nancy Carroll and Charles Rogers.(sound)

38. Reyes del Aire/The Flying Marine (1929, USA). With Shirley Mason, Jason Robards Sr. and Ben Lyon.(both a sound and a silent version were released)

39. El Caso Bellamy/Bellamy Trial (1929, USA). With Leatrice Joy and Edward J. Nugent.

40. Manathan Cocktail/Manhattan Cocktail (1928, USA). With Nancy Carroll and Richard Arlen.* (a one-minute fragment exists)

41. Un Hombre/A Manís Man (1929, USA). With William Haines and Josephine Dunn.*

42. Vecinos Pendencieros/Noisy Neighbors (1929, USA). With Eddie Quillan, Alberta Vaughn and Theodore Roberts.

43. Justicia Glacial/Frozen Justice (1929, USA). With Lenore Ulric and Robert Frazer.(sound; a shorter silent version was released)


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