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Películas Novela Semanal

A total of 53 titles were published in this series.

Entries marked with:

* Denotes the USA silent film is still lost.
** Denotes a silent film short.
*** Denotes a silent film serial.

2. La Bejarana (1926, Spain). With Celia Escudero and José Nieto.

4. El Novio de la Abuelita/El Moroso de la Nona (1927, Italy). With Adelina Thierry and Lia Maris.

5. Ojos Claros/Brooding Eyes (1926, USA). With Lionel Barrymore, Ruth Clifford and Montagu Love.

6. Donde Está la Mujer?/Das Mädel auf der Schaukel (1926, Germany). With Ossi Oswalda and Harry Liedtke.

7. La Esclava Blanca/Die Weisse Sklavin/The White Slave (1927, Germany). With Liae Haid and Vladimir Gajdarov.

8. Faros de Amor/The Harbour Lights (1923, UK). With Tom Moore and Isobel Elsom.

9. Raza de Hidalgos (1927, Spain). With Helena D'Algy, Tony D'Algy and José Nieto.

10. Madame no Quiere Tener Hijos/Madame wünscht keine Kinder/Madame Doesn't Want Children (1926, Germany) With María Corda and Harry Liedtke.

11. Labios Sedientos/Eager Lips (1927, USA). With Paulina Garon and Betty Blythe.

14. El Camino de la Gloria/Le Chemin de la Gloire (1927, France). With France Dhelia and Constant Rémy.

17. El Oficial de la guardia/Der Gardeoffizier/The Guardsman (1927, Austria). With María Corda and Alfed Abel.

18. Neumáticos/Rubber Tires (1927, USA). With Bessie Love and Harrison Ford.

21. Bigamia/Bigamie (1927, Germany). With Maria Jacobini and Heinrich George.

27. Florette y Patapon/Florette e Patapon (1927, Italy). With Ossi Oswalda and Marcel Lévesque.

28. Reconciliación/Marys großes Geheimnis (1928, Germany). With Ralph Arthur Roberts and Dolly Grey.

29. Simona/Simone (1926, France). With Lucienne Legrand and Jeanne Kervich.

30. A la Fuerza no se Ama/Mauprat (1926, France). With Sandra Milovanoff and Maurice Schutz.

32. Dancing's/Da hält die Welt den Atem an/Makeup (1927, Germany). With Marcella Albani and Sandra Milovanoff.

33. Se Reparan Corazones/Romantic Rogue (1927, USA). With Reed Howes and Ena Gregory.

34. Maniobras del Amor/Der Feldherrnhügel (1926, Germany). With Roda-Roda, Olga Tschechowa and Harry Liedtke.

37. Entre Gente Bien/Millionaires (1926, USA). With George Sidney and Vera Gordon.*

38. Diviértete y Trabaja/Pleasure Before Business (1927, USA). With Pat O'Malley and Virginia Brown.

41. Placeres Robados/Stolen Pleasures (1927, USA). With Helene Chadwick and Dorothy Revier.*

42. Lo que Debe Saber una Joven/What Every Girl Should Know (1927, USA). With Patsy Ruth Miller and Ian Keith.*

45. El Amor Vela/The Fourflusher (1928, USA). With Marion Nixon and George Lewis.

48. Comedia de Amor/Parisiskor/The Doctors' Women (1928, Sweden/Germany). With Ruth Weyher and Margarit Manstad.

53. Un Caballero de Paris/A Gentleman of Paris (1927, USA). With Adolphe Menjou and Shirley O'Hara.


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