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La Pelicula Selecta

A total of 38 titles were published in this series.

Entries marked with:

* Denotes the USA silent film is still lost.
** Denotes a silent film short.
*** Denotes a silent film serial.

1. El Médico de Palacio/Die Liebe einer Königin (1923, Germany). With Henny Porten and Harry Liedtke.

2. Vida y Amores de Mozart/Mozarts Leben, Lieben und Leiden (1921, Germany). With Josef Zetenius and Dora Kaiser.

4. El Milagro de la Fe/The Little Church Around the Corner (1923, USA). With Claire Windsor and Winston Miller.

5. Genoveva de Brabante/Genoveva (1922, Austria). With Lilly Marischka and Franz Höbling.

7. Kean ó Desorden y Genio/Edmund Kean: Prince Among Lovers (1924, France). With Ivan Mozzhukhin and Nathalie Lissenko.

8. Los Afortunados/Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep (1922, UK). With Betty Balfour and Fred Groves.

9. La Conjuración de Fiesco/La Congiura dei Fieschi (1921, Italy). With Silvia Malinverni and Goffredo D'Andrea.

10. El Cuarto Mosquetero/The Fourth Musketeer (1923, USA). With Eileen Percy and Johnnie Walker.

14. Educanda Man'zelle Notouche/Santarellina (1923, Italy). With Leda Gys and Fulvio Chialastri.

15. La Creación de Paris/Boy Crazy (1922, USA). With Doris May, Fred Gambold and Frank Kingsley.

16. La Senda del Deber/I'll Show You the Town (1925, USA). With Reginald Denny and Marian Nixon.

17. Los Dos Hermanos/Thundergate (1923, USA). With Owen Moore and Virginia Brown Faire.

18. Bestias del Paraíso (I)/Beasts of Paradise (1923, USA). With William Desmond and Eileen Sedgwich.* ***

19. Bestias del Paraíso (II)/Beasts of Paradise (1923, USA). With William Desmond and Eileen Sedgwich.* ***

20. Fuera de la Ley/The Trail to Yesterday (1918, USA). With Bert Lytell and Anna Q. Nilsson.

23. Riqueza Contra Nobleza/The Gaiety Girl (1924, USA). With Mary Philbin and Joseph Dowling.

25. Mariposa, la Niña Mimada/Butterfly (1924, USA). With Laura La Plante and Norman Kerry.

27. Ay, Doctor!/Oh, Doctor! (1925, USA). With Reginald Denny, Mary Astor and Lucille Ward.

28. El Hogar de Madame/Enter Madame (1922, USA). With Clara Kimball and Elliott Dexter.

29. De Cuarenta Caballos/40-Horse Hawkins (1924, USA). With Hoot Gibson and Anne Cornwall.

30. No Hay Juego Sin Trampa/The Deuce of Spades (1922, USA). With Charles Ray and Peggy Prevost.

32. El Blanco Viviente/Karusellen (1923, Sweden). With Walter Jansey, Aud Egede-Nissen and Alphons Fryland.

33. La Lucha por la Existencia/Riders Up (1924, USA). With Creighton Hale and Ethel Shannon.

34. El Jinete Fantasma/The Phantom Horseman (1924, USA). With Jack Hoxie and Ruby Lafayette.

38. Herencia de Honra/Erniedrigte und Beleidigte (1922, Germany). With Lya Mara and Erich Kaiser-Titz.


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