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La Novela Gráfica

A total of 64 titles were published in this series.

Entries marked with:

* Denotes the USA silent film is still lost.
** Denotes a silent film short.
*** Denotes a silent film serial.

1. Marco Antonio y Cleopatra/MarcAntonio e Cleopatra (1913, Italy). With Gianna Terribili-Gonzales and Amleto Novelli.

2. Entereza de Carácter/Without Compromise (1922, USA). With William Farnum and Lois Wilson.

3. Labios que Mienten/Lying Lips (1921, USA). With Florence Vidor and House Peters.

4. Jolly/Jolly (1923, Italy). With Diomira Jacobini and Alex Bernard.

5. Fedora/Fedora (1916, Italy). With Francesca Bertini and Carlo Benetti.

6. Sansón el Invencible/Der König der Manege (1921, Germany). With Luciano Albertini and Ellen Ulrich.*

7. Por una Noche de Amor/Pour une Nuit D'amour (1923, France). With Blanche Ross and Edmond Van Daële.

9. Odette/Odette (1916, Italy). With Francesca Bertini and Alfredo De Antoni.

10. Muerto por la Ley/The Forgotten Law (1922, USA). With Milton Sills and Jack Mulhall.

11. Deben las Mujeres Declarársenos?/The Ragged Edge (1923, USA). With Mimi Palmieri and Alfred Lunt.

13. Flor de Lodo/Dust Flower (1922, USA). With Helene Chadwick and James Rennie.

16. Su Propio Esfuerzo/The Steadfast Heart (1923, USA). With Margarita Courtot and Joseph Striker.

17. Juventud Deportiva/Sporting Youth (1924, USA). With Reginald Denny and Laura La Plante.

18. Shirley la Maromera/Shirley of the Circus (1922, USA). With Shirley Mason and George O’Hara.

19. Fidelidad/Kentucky Days (1923, USA). With Margaret Fielding and Dustin Farnum.

21. La Odisea de una Gran Duquesa/Three Weeks (1924, USA). With Aileen Pringle and Conrad Nagel.

23. Honor Ante Todo/Honor First (1922, USA). With John Gilbert and Renée Adorée.

25. Novia Sin Novio/Nelly, die Braut ohne Mann (1924, Germany). With Lya Mara and Erich Kaiser-Titz.

26. A Puñetazo Limpio/Putting It Over (1922, USA). With Richard Talmadge and Doris Pawn.

30. Modelo de París/Trilby (1923, USA). With Andrée Lafayette and Creighton Hale.

33. Mano del Amo/Catch My Smoke (1922, USA). With Tom Mix and Lillian Rich.*

34. Por Ganar una Mujer/High Speed (1924, USA). With Herbert Rawlinson and Carmelita Geraghty.

35. El Enigma del Monte Agel/L'Énigme du Mont Agel (1924, France). With Odette Josylla and Lucien Dalsace.

36. Novela de un Colegial/Les Grands (1924, France). With Jeanne Helbing and Max de Rieux.

37. De Cuarenta Caballos/40-Horse Hawkins (1924, USA). With Hoot Gibson and Anne Cornwall.

38. Arrepentida/Grand-mère (1924, France). With Geneviève Félix and Sylvio De Pedrelli.

40. Una Rubia Peligrosa/The Dangerous Blonde (1924, USA). With Laura La Plante and Edward Hearn.*

42. Entre Mar y Cielo/Anna Christie (1923, USA). With William Russell and Blanche Sweet.

45. Puro Valor/Pure Grit (1923, USA). With Esther Ralston and Roy Stewart.

48. Príncipe Sessue/Li Ting Lang (1920, USA). With Sessue Hayakawa, Doris Pawn and Allan Forrest.

50. Herencia Misteriosa/Where Is This West? (1923, USA). With Mary Philbin and Jack Hoxie.

51. Asalto a la Caravana/Bob Hampton of Placer (1921, USA). With Wesley Barry and Marjorie Daw.

52. El Oso Jimy/Jimmy, Ein Schicksal von Mensch und Tier (1923, Germany). With Mia Pankau and Ernst Hofmann.

53. La Cazadora/The Huntress (1923, USA). With Colleen Moore and Lloyd Hughes.

54. El Misterio de los Diamantes/The Great Diamond Mystery (1924, USA). With Shirley Mason and Willie Collier.

55. Pero que una Suegra/Be My Wife (1921, USA). With Max Linder and Alta Allen.

56. Genio Alegre/Anima Allegra (1919, Italy). With Francisca Bertini and Luigi Cigoli.

63. Niño Huracán/The Hurricane Kid (1925, USA). With Hoot Gibson and Violet La Plante.

64. Agente Secreto/The Golden Thought (1924, USA). With Tom Mix and Victoria Forde.


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