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La Novela Frivola Cinematográfica

A total of 35 titles were published in this series.

Entries marked with:

* Denotes the USA silent film is still lost.
** Denotes a silent film short.
*** Denotes a silent film serial.

1. La Regata del Amor/None but the Brave (1928, USA). With Sally Phipps and Charles Morton.

2. Vaya Niña!/Joy Street (1929, USA). With Lois Moran and Nick Stuart.

3. El Champán Tuvo la Culpa/Madame Wagt Einen Seitensprung (1927, Germany). With Xenia Desni and Livio Pavanelli.

6. Una Farsa Parisién/His Private Life (1928, USA). With Adolphe Menjou and Kathryn Carver.*

7. Todo por un Beso/Too Many Kisses (1925, USA). With Ruth Elder and Richard Dix.

8. Magnifico Flirt/The Magnificent Flirt (1928, USA). With Florence Vidor and Albert Conti.*

9. Señora, Échese Algo Encima!/Ladies Must Dress (1927, USA). With Virginia Valli, Nancy Carroll and Lawrence Gray.

10. La Mujer que batió el récord/Die Frau mit dem Weltrekord (1927, Germany). With Lee Parry and Joop Van Hulzen.

13. La Condesita Mimí/Prinzessin Olala/Art of Love (1928, Germany). With Carmen Boni and Hermann Böttcher.

15. Era Tan Bonita!/Broadway Fever (1929, USA). With Sally O'Neill and Roland Drew.*

16. Señorita "Bibelot"/The Glad Rag Doll (1929, USA). With Dolores Costello and Ralph Graves.*(sound)

17. El Colegio Flotante/The Floating College (1928, USA). With Sally O'Neill and William Collier.*

18. El Casamiento a Prueba/Marriage by Contract (1928, USA). With Patsy Ruth Miller and Lawrence Gray.*

20. El Seductor/Domestic Meddlers (1928, USA). With Claire Windsor, Roy D'Arcy and Lawrence Gray.

23. La Chica del Coro/Sally of the Scandals (1928, USA). With Bessie Love and Allan Forrest.

28. El Enemigo de las Mujeres/Sir or Madam (1928, UK). With Ossi Oswalda and Percy Marmont.

29. Doriana y la Casualidad/Dorine und der Zufall/Rich, Young and Beautiful (1928, Austria). With Fay Marbe and Ernö Verebes.

31. Las Apariencias Engańñan/Die Keusche Kokotte (1928, Germany). With Lia Eibenschutz, Mary Delschaft, and Otto Gebuhr.

32. Vuelve, te Perdono/Das Spreewaldmädel (1928, Germany). With Dina Gralla and Robin Irvine.


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