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La Novela Film

A total of 176 titles were published in this series.

Entries marked with:

* Denotes the USA silent film is still lost.
** Denotes a silent film short.
*** Denotes a silent film serial.

1. Los Guapos (1923, Spain). With Eugenia Zúffoli and Sofía Alverá.

2. Las Dos Riquezas/ Krigsmillionæren (1919, Denmark). With Anton De Verdier, Elisabeth Frederiksen and Henrik Malberg.

4. Los Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis/The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921, USA). With Rudolph Valentino and Alice Terry.

5. Las Esposa de los Hombres Ricos/Rich Men's Wives (1922, USA). With Clara Windsor and House Peters.*

7. En Poder del Enemigo/Held by the Enemy (1920, USA). With Jack Holt and Wanda Hawley.*

8. Heliotropo/Heliotrope (1920, USA). With Diana Allen and Frederick Burton.*

9. Corazón Triunfante/Penny of Top Hill Trail (1921, USA). With Bessie Love and Wheeler Oakman.*

10. Por la Puerta de Servicio/Through the Back Door (1921, USA). With Mary Pickford, Adolphe Menjou, and John Harron.

11. Murmuración/Gossip (1923, USA). With Gladys Walton and Ramsey Wallace.*

12. El Indomado/The Untamed (1920, USA). With Tom Mix and Pauline Starke.

13. Como Aman las Mujeres/How Women Love (1922, USA). With Betty Blythe and Gladys Hulette.*

14. La Fuga de la Novia/June Madness (1922, USA). With Viola Dana and Bryant Washburn.*

15. Por Salvar a Su Madre/ Kærlighedens Almagt/The Power of Love (1919, Denmark). With Peter Fjelstrup and Carlo Wieth.

19. De Florista a Millonaria/Squibs M.P. (1923, UK). With Betty Balfour and Hugh E. Wright.

23. De Cara a la Muerte/The Man of Might (1919, USA). With William Duncan and Edith Johnson.

26. El Detective/The Village Sleuth (1920, USA). With Charles Ray and Winifred Westover.

28. Odette/Odette (1916, Italy). With Francesca Bertini and Carlo Benetti.

29. Al Borde del Abismo/Half an Hour (1920, USA). With Dorothy Dalton and Charles Richman.

31. El Caballo de Carreras/The Home Stretch (1921, USA). With Douglas MacLean and Beatrice Burnham.

32. Su Señor y Dueño/Her Lord and Master (1921, USA). With Alice Joyce and Holmes Herbert.*

34. La Pimpinela Escarlata/Swords and the Woman (1923, UK/USA). With Pedro de Cordoba and Flora Le Breton.

35. Gorrión de Ciudad/A City Sparrow (1920, USA). With Ethel Clayton and Walter Hiers.*

36. La Novela de una "Estrella" de Cine/Mary of the Movies (1923, USA). With Marion Mack and Creighton Hale.

37. Ilíada, de Homero/Helen of Troy (1924, Germany). With Edy Darclea and Wladimir Gaidarow.

38. Soy Inocente!/Name the Man (1924, USA). With Mae Busch, Conrad Nagel and Aileen Pringle.

39. La Alegría del Batallón (1926, Spain). With Pepita Bastida and Anita Giner.

40. La Papeleta de Empeño/Pawn Ticket 210 (1922, USA). With Shirley Mason and Robert Agnew.*

43. Fanny, la Viuda Romántica/Romance and Arabella (1919, USA). With Constance Talmadge, Harrison Ford and Monte Blue.*

44. El Tío Paciencia/Soft Boiled (1923, USA). With Tom Mix and Billie Dove.

45. Locura, Imprudencia y Abandono/Midsummer Madness (1921, USA). With Lois Wilson, Jack Holt and Conrad Nagel.*

46. La Edad de la Ambición/The Age of Desire (1923, USA). With Mary Philbin and Myrtle Stedman.*

47. La Aventura del Velo/The Veiled Adventure (1919, USA). With Constance Talmadge and Harrison Ford.

48. Almas Divorciadas/The Bigamist (1921, UK). With Ivy Duke and Guy Newhall.*

49. Tacaña de Amor/The Love Piker (1923, USA). With Anita Stewart and William Norris.*

50. Por Orden de la Pompadour/Auf Befehl der Pompadour (1924, Germany). With Lya Mara and Alwin Neuß.

51. La Destrucción de París/La Cité Foudroyée/The City Struck by Lightning (1924, France). With Daniel Mendaille, Jane Maguenat and Armand Morins.

53. Hombre de Ideas/Homer Comes Home (1920, USA). With Charles Ray and Priscilla Bonner.

54. La Última Carrera/Too Much Speed (1921, USA). With Agnes Ayres and Wallace Reid.*

55. Un Robo Original/Slim Shoulders (1922, USA). With Irene Castle and Rod LaRocque.*

57. Una Reporter Modelo/Hold Your Breath (1924, USA). With Dorothy Devore and Tully Marshall.

58. Un Marido de Ocasión/Her Temporary Husband (1923, USA). With Syd Chaplin and Owen Moore.*

59. Los Excavadores del Infierno/The Hell Diggers (1921, USA). With Wallace Reid and Lois Wilson.*

61. Los Paraísos Artificiales/Chlen Parlamenta/Lord Chilcott (1923, Russia/France). With Ivan Mozzhukhin and Nathalie Lissenko.

62. Cruz de la Humanidad/Civilization (1916, USA). With Howard Hickman and Enid Markey.

64. Obsesión de un Sabio/A Blind Bargain (1922, USA). With Lon Chaney and Wallace Beery.*

67. Si Yo Tuviera Madre!/Tell Your Children (1922, UK). With Doris Eaton and Walter Tennyson.*

68. Un Buen Ingeniero/The Love Special (1921, USA). With Agnes Ayres, Theodore Roberts and Wallace Reid.*

70. Haz Bien.../A Man of Action (1923, USA). With Douglas MacLean and Marguerite De La Motte.*

71. El Hombre de la Montaña/Behold the Woman (1924, USA). With Irene Rich and Charles A. Post.*

75. La Bailarina del "Folies"/Polly of the Follies (1922, USA). With Constance Talmadge and Kenneth Harlan.*

78. El Campeón del Mundo/The World's Champion (1922, USA). With Lois Wilson, Wallace Reid, and Lionel Belmore.*

79. Flor que Renace/The White Rose (1923, USA). With Mae Marsh, Carol Dempster, and Ivor Novello.

80. Los Náufragos del Destino/Les Naufragés Dusort (1921, France). With Germaine Dermoz, Thérèse Vasseur and Jean Lord.

81. Lo Que No Se Compra/Bought and Paid For (1922, USA). With Jack Holt and Agnes Ayres.*

83. Experiencia/Experience (1921, USA). With Richard Barthelmess and Lilyan Tashman.*

84. Cómo se Elige un Marido/Judy of Rogues Harbor (1920, USA). With Mary Miles Minter and Charles Meredith.*

85. Lo que Puede una Mujer/The Way of a Girl (1925, USA). With Eleanor Boardman and Matt Moore.

86. El Cortijero/The Bandolero (1924, USA). With Renee Adore and Pedro de Cordoba.*

89. La Encantadora Mimi/Das Mädel von Pontecuculi/The Prince and the Maid (1924, Germany). With Ana Svedin, Charles Willy Kayser and Rudi Ochler.

90. El Fantasma de la Opera/The Phantom of the Opera (1925, USA). With Lon Chaney and Mary Philbin.

91. Madre Amantísima/La Course du Flambeau (1926, France). With Germaine Dermoz and Daniel Mendaille.

92. El Código Social/The Social Code (1923, USA). With Viola Dana and Huntley Gordon.*

94. Cuando Sonríe el Peligro/When Danger Smiles (1922, USA). With Edith Johnson and William Duncan.*

95. Siete Ocasiones/The Seven Chances (1925, USA). With Buster Keaton and Ruth Dwyer.

97. Deuda de Honor/Ehrenschuld (1921, Germany). With Olaf Fønss and Gertrude Welcker.

98. Pacto Sublime/Not a Drum Was Heard (1924, USA). With Charles Jones and Betty Bouton.*

102. Vida No es Novela/Saturday Night (1922, USA). With Leatrice Joy and Conrad Nagel.

103. K. el desconocido/K – The Unknown (1924, USA). With Virginia Valli and Percy Marmont.*

106. Por el Amor de un Hijo/Half a Dollar Bill (1923, USA). With Anna Q. Nilsson and William P. Carleton.

110. Quien Roba a un Ladrón/Lawful Larceny (1923, USA). With With Nita Naldi, Hope Hampton and Conrad Nagel.*

112. Heroísmo y Cobardía/The Bad Lands (1925, USA). With Harry Carey and Trilby Clark.

113. La Reina del Motor/Die Motorbraut (1925, Germany). With Lee Parry and Hans Mierendorff.

114. Una Vez en la Vida/Champion of Lost Causes (1925, USA). With Edmund Lowe and Barbara Bedford.

115. La Isla Solitaria/Ebb Tide (1922, USA). With Lila Lee and George Fawcett.*

116. La Criada del Coronel/Man on the Box (1925, USA). With Syd Chaplin, David Butler and Alice Calhoun.

117. Súbditos de S.M. el Jazz-band/Children of Jazz (1923, USA). With Eileen Percy and Ricardo Cortez.*

118. Amapola/Poppy (1917, USA). With Norma Talmadge and Eugene O'Brien.

121. Estafador Contra su Voluntad/Hochstapler Wider Willen/Reluctant Imposter (1925, Germany). With Ellen Kürti and Vladimir Gajdarov.

123. Los Hijos del Otro/The Man from Red Gulch (1925, USA). With Harry Carey and Harriet Hammond.*

127. La Avalancha/The Snow Bride (1923, USA). With Alice Brady and Maurice J. Flynn.*

128. Maciste en la Jaula de los Leones/Maciste Nella Gabbia Dei Leoni/Maciste in the Lion's Cage (1926, Italy). With Bartolomeo Pagano and Elena Sangro.

130. El Rey de los Cowboys/Go West (1925, USA). With Buster Keaton and Kathleen Myers.

131. El Tirano/Mine to Keep (1923, USA). With Bryant Washburn and Mabel Forrest.*

134. Culpas Ajenas/The Man Who Found Himself (1925, USA). With Thomas Meighan and Virginia Valli.*

135. Una Mujer Sospechosa/The Danger Girl (1926, USA). With Priscilla Dean and John Bowers.*

137. Don Carlos (1921, Italy). With Elena Lunda and Enrico Roma.

138. Corazón de Madre/Mothers-in-Law (1923, USA). With Ruth Clifford, Gaston Gless and Edith York.

139. La Trapera/La drapaire (1925, Spain) With Faustino da Rosa, Pepín Fernández and Amparo Ferrer.

140. Naufragio/Shipwrecked (1926, USA). With Seena Owen and Joseph Schildkraut.*

144. Horda Maldita/The Thundering Herd (1925, USA). With Jack Holt, Lois Wilson, and Noah Beery.*

145. Casado y Con Suegra/Hot Water (1924, USA). With Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston.

146. Amor Original/The Great Love (1925, USA). With Viola Dana and Robert Agnew.*

147. Más Allá de la Muerte/Beyond Death (1924, Spain/France). With Andrée Brabant and Gaston Modot.

148. El Último Crimen/The Splendid Crime (1925, USA). With Bebe Daniels and Neil Hamilton.*

150. Triunfo/Triumph (1924, USA). With Leatrice Joy and Rod La Rocque.

152. Conde de Kostia/Le Comte Kostia (1925, France). With Conrad Veidt and Pierre Daltour.

153. Barreras Rotas/Barriers of the Law (1925, USA). With Helen Holmes and William Desmond.

154. De Cocinero a General/The Crackerjack (1925, USA). With Johnny Hines and Sigrid Holmquist.

155. El Capitán Murciélago/Captain Fly-by-Night (1922, USA). With Johnnie Walker and Francis McDonald.

157. Las Tres Llaves/Three Keys (1925, USA). With Virginia Lee Corbin and Gaston Glass.

161. Quiere Usted Hacerme su Esposa?/Headlines (1925, USA). With Alice Joyce, Malcolm McGregor and Virginia Lee Corbin.

162. Buscador de Emociones/Manhattan (1924, USA). With Richard Dix and Jacqueline Logan.

163. El Príncipe de Pilsen/The Prince of Pilsen (1926, USA). With George Sidney, Anita Stewart and Allan Forrest.*

164. Promesa en Prenda/The Wanderer of Wasteland (1924, USA). With Jack Holt and Billie Dove.*

165. Bajo la Metralla/Kitty (1929, UK). With Estelle Brody and John Stuart.

167. Sin Rumbo en la Vida/Driftin' Thru (1926, USA). With Harry Carey and Ruth King.

168. Días de Colegial/The Plastic Age (1925, USA). With Clara Bow and Donald Keith.

170. La Jaula del Amor/Der Liebeskäfig (1925, Germany). With Lee Parry and Johannes Riemann.

171. Las Noches de París/Paris (1926, USA). With Charles Ray and Joan Crawford.

173. Un Ladron Improvisado/A Gentleman of Leisure (1923, USA). With Jack Holt and Sigrid Holmquist.*

174. Al Margen de la Ley/Wild Oats Lane (1926, USA). With Viola Dana and Robert Agnew.*

175. Rutas de Perdición/Ladies Must Live (1921, USA). With Betty Compson, Leatrice Joy and Mahlon Hamilton.*


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